Polygon Financial is a small family-oriented mortgage brokerage that was established in October of 2002 and has a distinguished track record of providing the highest level of customer service in addition to some of the lowest rates and fees in the market. We know you have many options when choosing a lender for your new home purchase or mortgage refinance. Polygon Financial offers extremely competitive rates and fees while working closely with our clients through every aspect of the lending process. 

The Mortgage Landscape Before and After the Great Recession

When selecting a lender to assist you with your home purchase or mortgage refinance, it is important to understand what separates one lender from another. Are you speaking with a mortgage banker who will only offer you the loan products and rates that are offered by that single lending institution, or a mortgage broker who has access to loan programs and rates offered by many banks, and can choose the best lender or your particular situation? Have you spoken to more than one lender?

Since the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the rules that mortgage lenders have to operate by have changed significantly. Lenders can no longer offer any rate they choose, there is a great deal more regulation in the industry. However, the business models that lenders operate under vary dramatically, as does the overhead required to run their businesses. Therefore, the amount of money that one lender needs to make on your loan in order to be profitable can differ greatly from another lender.

Likewise, some lenders have only existed in the “refi-boom” era that came along in the years since the Great Recession. These lenders are very experienced in the nuances of mortgage refinances. However, during this time period, loans were plentiful and these lenders did not need to educate themselves in the best ways to structure a home purchase loan, assist first time home buyers, have down payment option conversations or become familiar with the variety of loan programs that exist to help the myriad types of home buyers.

Almost Twenty Years of Experience: The PolyFi Difference

Going through the mortgage process can be stressful and we understand how important it is to have a clear line of communication during the lending process. After almost two decades providing home lending solutions, we know that one of the most important things to a client is being able to talk to a their lender when the need arises. Polygon Financial stays available well beyond conventional business hours.

Polygon Financial is a mortgage brokerage. We work with roughly 20+ different lenders, each having a specific niche or program/process that separates them from another and thus allows us to offer you the ideal loan program for your needs at a very competitive rate.

We intentionally maintain a very low overhead model and therefore do not need the same level of revenue on a loan as many other lenders in the market.

By having low overhead, the cost savings can be passed onto our clients through lower interest rates and lower fees. Polygon Financial has been around long enough to thrive not only in the “refi-boom” era, but also in the more normal interest rate environments. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to have the conversation with you about the proper down payment option and loan program choices for you based on your particular lending situation.


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