Johnny Stubb’s Mechanical  provides a wide range of HVAC service, maintenance and installation. This includes essential homeowner needs for furnaces, air conditioners, thermostats, evaporative coolers and water heaters. 

Johnny Stubb’s also provides service for more specialized systems such as snow melt systems, wine cellars, specific types of climate control and automation of systems.

Johnny Stubb’s Mechanical is comprised of a small team of expert technicians. Located in Highlands Ranch, the service area includes the entire Denver metro region.

Johnny Stubb’s has a perfect five-star review average on Yelp. Here’s what  customers say:

Karen T: “Johnny and his crew are my go-to guys for HVAC! They have helped me out numerous times w my rental properties. Replaced a furnace, upkeep on A/C, diagnosed problems and fixed them in record time. 

Never been bamboozled or upsold or felt ripped off by this company…and there are SOOOO many of those guys out there.

Best prices. Best service in town. My Awesome Electrician, Matt, has joined the company, so now even BETTER!”

Andrew D: “We’ve had great experiences with Johnny Stubb’s Services!

Matt helped us with a couple outlets and Robert and Synjin helped us with a weird issue we’re having with our furnace. It’s clear that Johnny Stubb’s hires great people and they’ll be our first call with any future “surprises” our house has in store for us!”

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